The CATS Bring and Buy is a popular feature of both the CATS Annual Bazaar and rally at Kempton Park. The idea is that if you have an item or items to sell, you can call in at the B&B, fill out a form with your details and asking price, etc, and we can sell it for you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are thinking of bringing something to any of our Bring and Buys, please note that we only handle items directly connected with the hobby of amateur radio. This includes complete radios, test gear, antennas, SWR meters etc.

We do NOT accept items such as computing equipment, HiFi, televisions or telephones, books or components such as bags of resistors or connectors.

To download a full set of CATS’ Bring and Buy conditions, click here.

If you have a lot of items you wish to sell, it may be better to hire a table at the Cats Bazaar: in this case there would of course be no restriction on selling bags of components and books, etc.

Currently we charge £1 for a sheet to book in up to five items and take a 10% commission on the price that any item is sold for.